Colorful ielm - font-locking comint

If you ever used ielm, or other comint-mode derivatives, you will notice that the text you input is not highlighted according to the major-mode.

If I type (setq foo bar) into ielm, the setq won't be highlighted.

Why is this? And how do we change this?

Naive solution

Look at font-lock-keywords in ielm and it is suspiciously near-empty. We could copy over emacs-lisp's keywords:

(setq-local font-lock-keywords `(,@lisp-el-font-lock-keywords-2

But what if I type in (princ "(setq foo bar)")? The output will inherit the highlighting.

Naively enabling font locking in comint buffers can lead to a mess of syntax highlighting in the output. While the example above is contrived, it is in general not a trivial problem.

I wrote and support hy-mode, a lisp embedded in Python. When the interpreter is given "--spy", the translation of the Hy code to Python is given in the output before the result of the Hy code. This translation would inherit Hy's syntax highlighting and look like a mess.

Python-mode's solution

python-mode actually implements fontification of shell input. How do they do it?

They add a post-command-hook that essentially extracts the current input being entered, fontifies it according to python, then reinserts it into the prompt.

There is quite a bit going on to make this work in practice - check out python-shell-font-lock-post-command-hook if you are interested.

I had success using this approach for hy-mode but always thought it was a kludge and difficult to understand and work with. Can't I just use font-lock-mode directly?

My solution

I came up with a hookless, pure font-lock-mode solution that should work for arbitrary modes.

I convert every font-lock-keyword MATCHER component to check that we are within a prompt before calling the MATCHER if it is a function or matching on it if it is a regex.

(require 'dash)

(defun kwd->comint-kwd (kwd)
  "Converts a `font-lock-keywords' KWD for `comint-mode' input fontification."
  (-let (((matcher . match-highlights) kwd))
    ;; below is ` quoted but breaks my blogs syntax higlighting, so removing it!
    ;; make sure to capture first paren in a ` if copying!
    ((lambda (limit)
       ;; Matcher can be a function or a regex
       (when ,(if (symbolp matcher)
                  `(,matcher limit)
                `(re-search-forward ,matcher limit t))
         ;; While the SUBEXP can be anything, this search always can use zero
         (-let ((start (match-beginning 0))
                ((comint-last-start . comint-last-end) comint-last-prompt)
                (state (syntax-ppss)))
           (and (> start comint-last-start)
                ;; Make sure not in comment or string
                ;; have to manually do this in custom MATCHERs
                (not (or (nth 3 state) (nth 4 state)))))))

(setq my-ielm-font-lock-kwds
      `(,@(-map #'kwd->comint-kwd lisp-el-font-lock-keywords-2)
        ,@(-map #'kwd->comint-kwd lisp-cl-font-lock-keywords-2)))

(defun set-my-ielm-kwds ()
  (setq-local font-lock-keywords my-ielm-font-lock-kwds))

Now ielm, my own hy-mode, etc. highlights shell input without messing with the output if I call set-my-ielm-kwds in an ielm buffer.

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